The dangers of shady deals

The dangers of shady deals

It’s one thing to buy a mildly successful or barely failing website and work on it to turn out a profit; it’s a completely different thing if the website receives large amounts of unknown traffic.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, most of this automated, free, or cheap traffic that is bought on the internet comes from hidden iframes and simulated clicks. Simulated clicks may be fine at first (more complicated laws), but the iframes are where issues immediately start to arise.

When I bought this website, it had several hundred blog posts that I didn’t care to review in their entirety. They contained many links, videos, as well as different types of information. Some of them fell in the category of ‘cheap prada bags,’ while others were instructional web marketing techniques. Either way, the content was 100% not original. Being a novice, I figured so what, I can work on these posts one at a time, reword them, make them look nice, and do aggressive SEO and promotions to see if I can make money.

Now here’s another red flag that came up without me ever noticing. The owner told me that the majority of the blog posts are important tools in bringing me traffic and are the core ‘power source’ of the website. I even received a partnership request from some guy asking me to ‘use the power of my site’ to promote a product. Until that point, I was unaware what they were talking about.

Long story short, the website was a node in a large network of black hat linking and advertising websites. Most of them contain garbage content, and bounce the user through popups and iframes without their knowledge. This can result in huge issues for me as an owner and for the visitor who gets bounced around. Luckily, there was no illegal content posted on this website, only garbage, but by buying the website without reading everything, I had taken a risk. Phew, disaster averted.

One example of how a user can be harmed would be if they are shown a popup ad of pornography or illegally distributed content like copyrighted imagery or the like, they could be in danger of possessing illegal material. As images get cached on your computer when you view them on a browser, you are effectively possessing them and whatever content they have.
Don’t click everything that moves, in fact, try to avoid clicking at all causes. Happy surfing!

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